Dec 012008

Hannah will be playing with violinist Robin Scott in Weill Hall, Sunday afternoon, December 14 at 3:00 PM. They are playing the Schubert “Duo” Sonata in A, D.574.

Shelley and I are planning to go.  If you are in New York, please come.  It should be a nice afternoon of music; on the same program with Hannah and Robin, Lisa Stepanova and Dina Nesterenko are playing the Beethoven Violin Sonata in G, Op. 96, and the Cha Dan Trio is playing the Beethoven Trio in G, Op. 1 no. 2. 

Unfortunately, it costs money — tickets are available here.


Update:  It was indeed a nice afternoon.  Here are the first two movements of the “Duo” — recorded a month or so earlier: 



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