Aug 072011

Alicia Doudna and Andrew Kratzat are two gifted young classical musicians — Alicia, an outstanding violinist teaching in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Andrew, a talented young bassist who just received a scholarship to Peabody Institute. They were engaged to be married. On July 26, they were on I-94, heading across the state for Andrew’s birthday celebration, when a semi plowed into their car (which was stopped behind traffic). They were rushed to the hospital with severe brain injuries. As of now, neither Alicia nor Andrew has regained consciousness. Here is the report from a local paper. The prognosis is not good but as always in such cases there is a wide range of uncertainty. For the latest updates click on the following logo:

Alicia is my daughter’s close friend. They attended Cleveland Institute of Music and New England Conser­vatory together, so Hannah flew back from Europe to be with the family and friends keeping vigil in Ann Arbor. Our thoughts and prayers are with Andrew, Alicia, their families and those who love them.

Donations to help support Alicia and Andrew can be made here.

[May, 2013: There is an amazing sequel to this story — some of which is chronicled on the CaringBridge site, which is now just for Andrew. Alicia will be performing in June.]

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